We are a Catholic religious community of missionaries.

We are priests and brothers dedicated to spreading God's love in the world to the poor and most abandoned.

We do this through life in community in collaboration with men and women of all faiths. We are about 500 men in Southern Africa. This is by far the largest group of Catholic Religious men in this region. We come in all shapes and sizes: - young men, old men, Oblates in formation, priests, Brothers!

And all these people, what do we do? We do all kinds of ministries. We have been called in the past "specialists in difficult missions"'. But our concern is always to respond to the urgent needs of the poor for evangelisation. It was enough for bishops to come to our Founder and say to him: "I do not have anybody..." for him to act, re-examine his manpower, cut personnel here and there, and release 2 or 3 men for these new needs. And that continues today still.

You see, it is a question of passion, of missionary concern....

Our Founder

Our Southern African Saint

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St Eugene de Mazenod

Blessed Joseph Gerard OMI
Apostle of the Basotho